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Bob Rehak’s Portraits of UPTOWN – See them at Everybody’s Coffee!

We’ve written about Bob Rehak’s wonderful photos of 1970s Uptown before… HERE.

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Find Out Things (Poetry)

Find out things. Sometimes use a mirror. Sometimes use the window. Sometimes pace the floor. And sometimes walk out the door. Pick up what someone else left. Put down what someone else claimed was important. Pray to understand. Work at understanding, yes, til your muscles […]

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AT EVERYBODY’S! Millipede “A Mist and A Vapor” Release Party!

For directions try THIS.

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Sinnerman Nina Simone, with that alto range almost sinking to tenor, puts the fear of God into us! There is nothing quite like this most incredible and darkly forboding song, with a “snatched from the fire” ending that leaves the transgressor’s clothes smoking. Take it […]

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Hatred Is…

Hatred is high-definition certainty. Hatred requires a very simple plot. Hatred’s purest dress comes only in extra-small; or to put it in astronomical terms, it is the big bang in reverse. Hatred as narrative requires victims and victimizers, the first playing the role of the […]

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That Jew! Survivor Stories

Marion Parkhurst, concentration camp survivor, tells her story.

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A Hunger for Their Ashes

When my mother died and was cremated, we six took her ashes and in the back yard of the house we’d grown up in formed a circle. We took my father’s ashes, which had been saved for just this moment, and carefully opened both of […]

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by / on April 14, 2014 at 9:25 pm / in Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), Faith Works, Sandy Ramsey

“Don’t Go to the End of the Story”: CCO Director Sandy Ramsey Remembers Dawn Mortimer

Sandra Ramsey, long-time member of Jesus People USA community, offers her thoughts about her best friend and mentor, Dawn Mortimer. Sandra worked with Dawn for decades on Cornerstone magazine before taking leadership with JPUSA’s outreach to the homeless of Uptown, Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO). Followng […]

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Humility and “Knowing”: Is Having Faith Arrogant?

Christians like to speak of the “pride” of Atheism. Is faith in God, in and of itself, a sign of intellectual arrogance? That is, in a universe where the one constant seems more and more transparently to be *un*certainty, isn’t faith in God (and thus […]

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by / on April 10, 2014 at 3:23 pm / in I and Thou, Jon Trott

Who’s Friend Are You?

What does “friendship” consist of? Who is, in the real sense, a “friend”? We use the term “friend” casually on face book and in other social relationships. We don’t want to hurt our “friends” yet are very willing to hurt God — Christ as the […]

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